• Dealership
  • Notify your customers
    Send automatic notifications about the vehicle's status
  • Know where your vehicles are
    Our solution will notify your team where customer vehicles are at all times.
    Enable customers to track the status of their vehicle during the service process.

about us

FoxTrac Inc offers Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions for automotive dealerships for automation of various processes and customer notifications.

about foxtrac

FoxTrac Inc. offers automation and data collection solutions to auto dealers in North America. We use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and web based applications to create automated processes in and around your dealership. With over 30 years experience in the auto dealer industry, FoxTrac has built and designed tools to help boost productivity and efficiency for your business.

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FoxTrac Inc offers the following automated services for your auto retail business. Our services are all web based and completely responsive to any mobile or tablet device.

Vehicle service tracker

Your customers will be notified when their vehicle begins the service process and will have the flexibility to check the status of their vehicle without having to contact their Service Advisor for details. Our checkpoint RFID system automates this process and will automatically contact your customers when their vehicle is ready for pickup.

Car wash tracker

Car wash tracker allows your team to know when a vehicle has entered and exit the car wash. The service advisor or valet team gets notifications when customers’ vehicles are ready. Customers are also automatically notified via SMS or email. Reports are available for managers or directors to measure productivity in their car wash team.

Road test tracker

Road Test Tracker allows both managers and directors to monitor the amount of time an employee has taken a vehicle for a road test. Our flagging system sends alerts if a vehicle have left for too long.

Tool room tracker

Tool room tracker allows your employees to self check in or out their tools. Reduce the amount of lost and stolen tools and eliminate lost man-hours to find a tool. Our system gives you total control to your inventory.

Inventory Control

Be able to control your vehicle stock inventory. Monitor vehicles in your inventory and know the location of the vehicle.

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See examples of the user interface and management dashboards as well as photos of RFID installations on the dealership's premises. Our services are all web based and completely responsive to any mobile or tablet device.
Mobile tracking
Mobile tracking interface

A fully responsive web interface allows checking your vehicle's status on virtually any device.

Web interface
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